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Enclosed is one .obp file for use in Bryce 4 or 5. 
Download (2.1 MB)
The Sailboat was created mostly from parts created with Shape Magic.  The hull, rudder, propeller, cleats, steering wheel members, steering box, and shroud fixtures attached to the gunnels are all Shape Magic objects.  Cabin and accesories modeled in Bryce 4.
Special thanks to Al Michels, 
creator of the model!

The boom is linked to the boat, and the sail is linked to the boom, so you can rotate it to catch the wind! 8^).  The decking texture is my own which I tweaked from a Bryce default.  The other wood texture is by Rich Schafermeyer. All other textures are Bryce defaults.  You're most welcome to use them or create your own...whatever your creative little heart desires! Thanks for downloading my sailboat!  I hope you enjoy it and find only clear sailing!

Aluminations, aka  Al Michels or aluminations username for 3DCommune site-mail

Close up view of the wheel. Close-up view of a cleat.
Front view Underwater view

This model may be used by you for any commercial or personal artistic purpose. The .obp or .zip files cannot be sold without written permission from the author. Copyright 2002 by Al Michels. All rights reserved.

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