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The Basics - Saving the Model

After clicking on the Save File tab (1), you will go to a new page. The folder contents will be updated (if this is too slow for you, hit the Esc key to cancel).

Type in a filename (2). You do not need to add a suffix. The model will be saved as filename.obj and the design will be saved as filename.smg.

Click on the Save (3) button to save the file. If the filename already exists, you will get a message box giving you the chance to cancel the save operation and input a new name.

DO NOT use the File-Save Stack menu choice. That does not save the model, it only saves the current settings in the program. You need to use the Save File tab as described here.

Before saving, you can change what information is saved in the .obj file. This will effect how a 3D program handles the model. Each 3D model has different coding, so no one solution works for all.

Group Names:

  • If checked, the bottom and top faces and the three segments are named. This allows you to select each one separately to add different textures or delete or resize parts of the model.
  • If unchecked, no names are used and the model is treated as one. This is helpful if doing boolean operations in Bryce.

UV Mapped:

  • If checked, UV coordinates ARE saved. This is needed for some programs like Poser and is optional for others like Bryce. The coordinates are cylindrical.
  • If unchecked, UV coordinates are NOT saved. The file size will be about half as big as when UV is included.
  • In either case, you can also use a program like UVmapper to add or modify the UV map.

Front & Back Polygons:

  • If check, both front and back polygons are saved. This doubles the size of the file.
  • If unchecked, only the front side of the polygons are saved. In some programs, you may need to invert normals.
  • Some 3D programs automatically show both sides of polygons (Bryce, Vue). Others are erratic in what they show (Poser varies by rendering mode). For Poser, check both UV Mapped and Front & Back Polygons.

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