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Shows a variety of models made using Shape Magic 2.1. The parts that make belt and buckle, knives, swords and scabbards were made using Shape Magic, then assembled and textured in Bryce. Straw was a single object multi-replicated. The table cloth used a linear cross-section with one 90 degree bend and roughness special effects.

A collection of images showing Shape Magic objects used in Bryce and Vue.
Special thanks to Varian, Myske, L. D. Skeetz, Becky Schmidt, Frogdot and Burt Abreu for permission to post their images.
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crystal_ball__thumb.jpg 1.9K
woodina_thumb.jpg 2.2K
bat_thumb.jpg 1.5K
bird_attack_thumb.jpg 2.0K
street_toughs_thumb.jpg 2.8K
myske_oops_thumb.jpg 2.2K
myske_blameitall_thumb.jpg 3.2K
myske_mushroom_forest_thumb.jpg 2.6K
myske_roomview_thumb.jpg 3.1K
shapemagicknife1_thumb.jpg 1.5K
Burt Abreu
topiary_thumb.jpg 2.6K waterwheel_thumb.jpg 2.5K
skeetz_vase_thumb.jpg 1.9K
L. D. Skeetz
varian_stilllife_thumb.jpg 2.4K
varian_christmas_thumb.jpg 2.6K
sword_thumb.jpg 1.6K
hourglass_thumb.jpg 2.0K
becky_schmidt_thumb.jpg 2.9K
Becky Schmidt
frogdot_thumb.jpg 2.7K
fantasy_shield_thumb.jpg 2.5K
varian_bowling_thumb.jpg 2.5K
varian_railing_thumb.jpg 2.4K
varian_treasurebox_thumb.jpg 1.8K
varian_handbell_thumb.jpg 1.4K
vase_thumb.jpg 1.9K
twist_thumb.jpg 1.8K
top_thumb.jpg 2.8K
steppingstones_thumb.jpg 2.2K
starburst_thumb.jpg 3.0K
smokestack_thumb.jpg 2.7K
sawblade_thumb.jpg 1.6K
hot_tub_thumb.jpg 3.3K
handbell_vase_thumb.jpg 1.8K
dagger_thumb.jpg 1.8K
candle_lamp_thumb.jpg 3.0K
space_station_thumb.jpg 1.5K
cathedral_thumb.jpg 2.2K
coaster_thumb.jpg 2.4K
rocket_thumb.jpg 1.5K
space_construction_thumb.jpg 2.0K
hexagon amphoras_thumb.jpg 2.7K
baskets_thumb.jpg 2.3K
shelf_of_vases_thumb.jpg 2.9K
characters_thumb.jpg 2.9K
birdbath_thumb.jpg 2.8K
plate_knife_glass_thumb.jpg 2.5K

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