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Lathe Magic is a FREE program. Use it to create designs you can turn into real objects on your woodturning or metal working lathe.

Requires a computer whose operating system is Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. It has also worked on a MacBook Air running Windows 8.1 on a segmented portion of the hard drive.

Download Open Beta Zip File

New version 0.91 added 11-2-2014: fixed white blocks on 3D screen, fixed design save, expanded light intensity range

To install, download the zip file. Extract the zip file to a location of your choice. You will find a folder labeled Lathe Magic. Within that folder you will find additional folders labeled Designs, Patterns, Textures and Undo. You will also find a number of additional files needed to operate Lathe Magic plus a readme, user manual, and user license. Click on lathe_magic_beta_090.exe to start the program.

[Note that some browsers and antivirus programs may flag the program as unsafe. They do this for any new .exe file of limited distribution. If this is of concern to you, do not use Lathe Magic.]

User Manual

A copy of the User Manual is contained in the installation zip, but you can also look at it in advance by downloading from here.

User License

By downloading and using Lathe Magic, you agree to the terms contained in the End User License. You can read the license in advance by clicking here.


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