There are two sets of examples shown on this page:

Made Into Wood

The following examples show Lathe Magic designs converted into wood. The images for each example show the design, the program's 3D view, and the finished object in wood.

New! Small Parts Holder

This was made for a Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild challenge to make a small functional bowl. The bowl can hold small screws while assembling or disassembling toys, electronics, and other items. The broad base makes it stable so screws are not tipped out.

Bud Vase

Square-Base Candle Holder

This illustrates the use of flat sides. See Fit to Specific Wood Size Tutorial for description of flat sides.

Small Bowl


New Designs in Seconds!

Lathe Magic has built in code to automatically generate a wide variety of designs. The 100 example designs below were generated by 100 clicks on the New button.
These designs are ready to be used as is or can be easily modified by the user. See Tutorials for details on how to use all the features of Lathe Magic.

Lathe Magic Products are designed by Rich Schafermeyer
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