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Using Maps in Bryce

To use Bryce, first create a terrain:

Then go to the terrain editor and make the terrain of you choice:

Click on the Grid button and set the grid size as large as your screen resolution allows (I typically use 512 as 1028 gets partially cut off on my screen when I load/paste into Road Maker):

Type Ctrl+C to copy the terrain. Go to Road Maker and select File-New Road (paste grayscale image). Make your road and save your maps before continuing with the directions below.

Back in Bryce, use a terrain you already have or create a new terrain:

Change the terrain's name to "Road" if you like by clicking on the A box and typing in the new name:

To load the terrain map, select the terrain and open the terrain editor:

Click on the Picture button (1) located on the Elevation tab. Load the road map (e.g., filename_road.bmp). You could also use the Pictures tab (3) to load the road map but it takes more steps and fails to work properly in Bryce 6:

Turn smoothing on. This helps smooth the transitions from pixel to pixel so the roadbed isn't stepped. I also like to have solid checked:

Even with smoothing on, the road will likely have some steps. This is an artifact of the low resolution of grayscale images. Click the smoothing button (2) multiple times to smooth out the steps (or use Ctrl+S). Bryce 4 gets by with about 3 clicks. Bryce 5, 5.5 and 6 need about 9-10 clicks as they smooth in smaller increments.

Finally, click on the Checkmark (6) to accept all the changes.

To use the road texture and alpha maps, select the road terrain and click on the Materials Editor:

While holding down the Ctrl key, click on the 3rd dot in the Diffuse (1) and Bump Height (2) rows:

This will cause two additional textures to appear at the right side of the window. Click on the P dots (1 & 2) of the two new materials to change them to a picture texture:

Next click on the dot above the P dot on the third texture (texture C) to open the texture editor:

Do the following to add the alpha texture (see image below):
1. Click on load. Locate filename_alpha.bmp and open.
2. Click on copy.
3. Click on paste. Select Delete when the dialog opens up. The same image will appear in the left and center preview windows.
4. Click on the half white/half black circle. This inverts the second preview.
5. The right preview window shows the road in black on a white & gray checkerboard. This means the A texture will show where the checkerboard appears and the B texture will show where the road appears.
6. Click on the checkmark to accept the changes.

Now click on the dot above the P dot on the second texture (texture B) to open the texture editor. Do the following to add the road texture (see image below):
1. Click on the second gray box beneath the preview windows.
2. Click on load. Locate filename_tex.bmp and open.
3. If the second picture square is not blank (white), click on the white circle above the square then select delete to clear any existing image that might be there.
4. Click on the checkmark to accept the changes.

The material editor will look like this when the above is completed:

Here's an example of a Bryce terrain with road and texture maps applied:

(Note: the above was done with Byrce 4. More recent versions of Bryce can provide better trees.)

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