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Road Design Tips

A road can be drawn with relatively few dots. The following example uses 6 dots:

Even a curvy road can be made from just 12 dots as shown in the following image:

If the first and last road dots are placed on the image as in A below, the road will have a sharp start or finish in the middle of the terrain. It's better to put the first and last dot in the white border as shown in B below. Position the dot so the edge line is not visible:

Dots can be placed anywhere in the draw window, but some positions can lead to problems with the resulting road. The following image shows a well-designed curve at A. B shows a place where the cut and fill line turns over on itself - this will not look good in the final road. C shows a sharp point in the cut and fill line - this will look OK in the final road.

If you see an overlapping line like at B, move the dot opposite the overlap towards the overlap until it disappears or move an adjoining dot away from the overlap.

When one dot is placed so that it is exactly vertically above another dot, the road drawing routine can sometimes go in reverse and create a circle as shown below. To eliminate the circle, move one of the dots slightly:

The cut and fill starts right at the edge of the road's shoulder as shown in A and B below. To show a strip of terrain next to the road, as shown at A' and B' below, you can make the road and/or shoulder just a little narrower. Adjust the scrollbars then update the road maps and save under a new name. Instead of using the original texture and alpha maps, use the new ones.

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