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Add an Intersection

This version allows you to add one intersection (a future release will allow multiple intersections).

Draw the first road. Then add a second road that crosses the first road. Intersections work best if they cross at near right angles. Although you can draw a road that loops back over itself, you cannot add an intersection to the loop.

Place the mouse cursor at the point of intersection and type the letter I or i. The intersection will be added:

You can move the intersection by pointing at the center of the intersection with the mouse, holding down the left mouse button, then dragging. You will likely have to adjust the attached roads by moving road dots. The road dots attached directly to the intersection are not functional and move only with the intersection.

To delete an intersection, type the letter K or k then left click on point of intersection. The intersection will disappear and the road will look like it did before adding the intersection.

Here is the image map with road on it and after importing into Bryce:

Note on Undo/Redo: you can use undo and redo after adding an intersection, but be careful about deleting a road as the program can lose its place.

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