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Starting a New Road

Select menu File-New Road (open grayscale bitmap) to start a new road by opening an existing image. A standard Window file selection dialog will allow you to choose a .bmp file:

To start a new road by pasting in an image, select menu File-New Road (paste grayscale image). Before pasting in an image, you must first copy an image from a 3D program (for example, Bryce).

Terrain maps can be downloaded from the web or created in 3D programs like Bryce and Vue and imported into Road Maker. Convert them to .bmp files before importing.

The maximum image size is the same as your screen resolution. If the screen resolution is smaller than the imported image size, the excess image area will be black.

Once a road has been made and saved, the design information is saved in a text file. See Saving Image Maps. This file can be opened to restore all the road icons to the same state as when the road was saved. See Reusing Road Designs and Templates.

Once an image has been opened or pasted, the Draw Road window will show the message "Left click two times along intended path to start road":

Once you have added two dots, the road will appear outlined in white. See image below:

See Road Icons for a description of how to change the road settings, for example the width of the road or shoulder. See Road Design Tips for guidance on how to create the best road. When ready to create the maps for export, click on the following icon to create the road and update all the terrain maps:

After placing 5-6 dots, the road will look like this:

The Image with Road window will now look like this:

This map, when imported into a 3D program like Bryce, will look like the modified image below. The original terrain is shown on the left:

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