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Saving Image Maps

After clicking on the following icon to create the road, you are able to save the image maps.

Use the menu choice File-Save to save the maps using the same root name as the original file. Use File-Save As to save the maps using a new name or to save them in a different folder on your computer.

After selecting either Save or Save As, you will see the following dialog. The three road boxes will be checked. You can uncheck any of the boxes. Then click on OK to proceed.

If Save was selected, the maps will be automatically saved with no further action required by you. If Save As was selected, a standard Windows file dialog will appear. If an image file was opened to start the road, that file name will appear in the File Name box. Type in a new name and/or select a new folder to save the images. If reusing the same name, say OK when Windows ask if you want to replace the original file.

Up to 4 files are saved at a time. This occurs automatically once you say OK to the File Save dialog. Here's how it works:

Assume you are using the word "filename" for your maps. filename.bmp will contain the original grayscale terrain. This is not saved if the image already existed. If the road was started from a pasted image, the pasted image will be saved as filename.bmp. The other maps will be saved as follows:

The road is saved as a .bmp to avoid distortions in the roadbed created by .jpg compression.

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