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Workspace Layout

When the program first opens, it is maximized to the full screen size. You can resize and reposition it as you would any standard window.

At the top of the workspace is a standard Windows menu. Left click on a menu item to open the sub-menu. Left click on any black menu item to choose it. Some selections are grayed out at the start. These choices are inactive until the appropriate point in the program - when active, they will turn black.

At the left of the screen is a column of icons. Use these to change settings in the program. The icon column always remains on top of the workspace. It does not move when the main window is resized. You can move it yourself to a convenient position by pointing to the small bar at the top of the icon column, holding down the left mouse button and dragging the icon column to a new position. See image below.

No other windows are seen until an image is loaded from a 3D program terrain editor.

To start a new road by using an existing image, select menu File-New Road (open grayscale bitmap). A standard Window file selection dialog will allow you to choose a .bmp file.

To start a new road by pasting an image, select menu File-New Road (paste grayscale image). Before pasting an image, you must first copy an image from a 3D program.

When the image is loaded, a number of windows are opened automatically:

The windows can be repositioned and resized like any standard window. They can be rearranged by selecting the menu item Window-Cascade or Window-Tile. All but the Original Image can be closed by clicking on the X box. They can be reopened and returned to the original layout by selecting the menu item Window-Restore Windows.

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